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Please Read All Information Before Registering

Please scroll down to the appropriate Registration Box and click 'Begin Registration' to start your registration process.

All registrations must be paid at the time of the registration process via Credit Card or Debit Card.  You will receive a confirmation email once the program has completed the transaction. 


*If you have any registration questions or are experiencing financial difficulties please contact the league for payment options at lynnfieldlittleleague@yahoo.com.

Fees are non-refundable.



LLL offers a family maximum of $400.00.   The registration system will automatically factor in the discount when registering.

If you have any issues with your registration please contact the league via Email at lynnfieldlittleleague@yahoo.com

2022 Little League Baseball Spring Registration

This is the registration option for all league age players between 7-12 years old. (See Little League Age Chart under LLL Home Tab, Documents & Forms)

DUE TO LITTLE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE POLICY, ALL Players Must be registered in order to attend a tryout prior to the selection process! 

Major League Division will hold their player selection process. At this draft, all League Age 12 year olds will automatically make the Major League as this is a rule from Little League International. The managers will then fill out their rosters with any league age 11 or 10 year olds that they select. Once the Major draft is completed......

The Triple A Division will hold their player selection process. Any league age 11 & 10 year olds that did not get selected for the Majors will automatically be selected to a team in the Triple A division through a player selection process. Any 9 year olds that is capable of playing in Triple A will be selected to round out the rosters spots. (Let's say Triple A needs 72 players in order to have 6 teams of 12 per team.  Let's also assume there are only 65 who are league age 11 & 10.This means the Triple A Division needs 7 more players to get to 72, Provided that the Board and managers feel as though seven 9-year old players are capable of playing in Triple A, then those seven kids would be selected to a Triple A teams to fill out the roster spots). Once this draft is completed......

The Double A Division will hold their player selection process. Any league age 9 year old that did not make the Triple A Division, will automatically be placed in the Double A Division. All league age 8 year olds will automatically be placed in the Double A. Any League Age 7 year olds that hava completed at least one year of coach pitch can also be considered for this division. Once this draft is completed.....

The Single A Division will hold their player selection process. Any league age  7 year olds that did not make the Double A Division will automatically be placed in the Single A Division along with all league age 6 year olds. 

NOTE:  this is NOT the registration for Tee-Ball

Base Cost: $185.00

Opened: 10/19/2021
Closes: 04/24/2022

Open to:
born between: 09/01/2009 and 01/01/2015

Residents of: 01940

2022 T-Ball Spring Registration


This is registration for league age players 4-6 years of age for Tee Ball.  The program will be Saturday mornings only and will start the Saturday after April vaction and run through the end of June.



Base Cost: $100.00

Opened: 10/20/2021
Closes: 04/23/2022

Open to:
born between: 09/01/2014 and 08/31/2018

Residents of: 01940