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·        When a game is scheduled after the current game, no inning in the current game may begin later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the next game.

·        For the purposes of this rule, it will be held that an inning starts the moment that the third out is made, completing the bottom of the preceding inning.

·        Due to darkness, no inning shall start after sunset. 

·        Sunset is as defined in the table below, taken from the US Naval Observatory tables [reference 4] rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

·        The Umpire may elect to end a game earlier than set forth in the table if, in his judgment, the playing conditions are unsafe due to, for example, reduced light and visibility near sunset because of heavy cloud cover or fog.



Curfew time

May 8 and before

7:45PM EDT

Between May 9 and May 23

8:00PM EDT

May 24 and beyond

8:15PM EDT